Selenium Training

This Selenium Certification Training will help you master the complete Selenium suite, including Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid, Selenium WebDriver, and TestNG. You will learn how to automate web applications with a robust framework, and integrate your automation into the DevOps processes.

This training is designed for developers and manual testers who want to learn how to automate their testing. You will learn the essential concepts of automation testing, as well as the specific skills you need to use Selenium.

At Tech CenterPoint, we believe that the best way to learn is by doing. That’s why our Selenium Certification Training is hands-on and practical. You will work on real-world projects, using the latest Selenium tools and techniques.

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Selenium Training - Curriculum

  • Selenium Testing Overview
  • Recognizing the value of automation testing
  • Advantages of automating testing with Selenium
  • Evaluation of Quick Test Professional versus Selenium
  • Getting to Know the Selenium Integrated Development Environment
  • The Selenium remote control idea
  • Using the Selenium grid
  • Selenium web grid
  • Introduction to Java Programming
  • Requirement for Java
  • Java platform independence
  • JRE, JVM, and JDK Definitions
  • Java’s key features and evolution
  • What exactly is object-oriented programming?
  • The abstraction idea, attributes, methods, constructors, inheritance, encapsulation, and polymorphism
  • Coding Overview
  • Creating the necessary atmosphere
  • Understanding the available IDEs
  • Create a simple Java program
  • Creating a Package
  • What exactly are Java comments?
  • Recognizing the Meaning of Reserved Words
  • An Overview of Java Statements
  • What are Java blocks?
  • Classes and various approaches
  • In-depth knowledge of the Selenium IDE features
  • Script assertions
  • Initial Selenium script deployment and choices
  • IDE Test Suite, sample project IDE, with selenium test case recording
  • Limitations on Selenium
  • Selenium WebDriver’s basic architecture
  • Download and install Selenium
  • Writing and running a Java function
  • Deploying Web-Drivers for scripting
  • Getting the HTML source of the web element, table, and form elements
  • Installation of Fire Path and the FireBug extension
  • Include and exclude in annotations, parameters, and groups
  • Providers of test results and data
  • Installing the Eclipse TestNG plugin, section
  • Examples of Selenium test scripts and how to write them
  • Making HTML and XML reports using TestNG and creating TestNG test suites
  • Utilizing Complex User Interactions
  • Being aware of different features like drag-and-drop, double click, keys, and context
  • Executing tests in Chrome and Firefox while deploying cross-browser testing with WebDriver
  • Locator and Locator-ID
  • Implementing search elements with the name and the link text
  • Using CSS and Web-Element attributes 8.4 Searching for elements
  • Maven Introduction
  • Utilizing Maven
  • Setting up Maven in Eclipse
  • Performing routine updates
  • Maven test execution
  • POM.xml file creation
  • Maven integration tool
  • Using text fields, buttons, links, check boxes, drop-down menus, and radio buttons
  • Choosing and showing values
  • Entering all values in WordPad, Notepad, or Excel
  • Taking a screenshot successfully
  • In JavaScript, load alerts and scroll down the page
    Unit Driver for HTML
  • AJAX auto recommendations and managing many windows
  • Controlling web tables
  • JUnit Annotations
  • JUnit methods
  • Test Suites for JUnit
  • Reporting with Ant Build and JUnit
  • The execution of the test case from the test framework, data-driven framework, keyword-driven framework, and hybrid framework
  • Overview of the Selenium Grid
  • Running a single script in many browsers and various scripts in various browsers
  • Agile testing, version
  • Behavior-driven development, or BDD
  • BDD’s benefits and drawbacks
  • Cucumber Foundations
  • Cucumber features file step definition
  • Cucumber Gherkin syntax, and advantages
  • Using Cucumber to put the BDD framework into practice
  • Object repository understanding
  • Using the OR operator in scripts
  • Studying example scripts using the object repository Modeling on
  • pages factory

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Selenium Training - Projects

Selenium Training - Key Features

Selenium Training - Key Features

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Best-in-class instructors will lead trainees through exercies based on real-world projects.

Selenium Training - Upcoming Batches

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Selenium Training - Training Options

Live Online Training
Live Online Training
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  • Flexible Schedule
  • Customizable Curriculum
1:1 Live Online Training
live online 1 to 1 training
  • Dedicated Trainer for you
  • 1:1 Total Online Training
  • Life-time LMS Access
  • Life-time LMS Access
Self-Paced E-Learning
Self-Paced E-Learning
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Corporate Training
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  • 10+ years Industrial Expert Trainers

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Selenium Training - FAQS

  • General
  • Self-Paced
  • Online
  • Corporate

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  • Through our LMS, you can access the recording of the missed lesson.
  • Yes, we have a customised training curriculum and programme to complete.
  • There are, in fact, both group and referal discounts available.
  • The instructor will give you with all the required resources and guidance to obtain certification independently 
  • Yes, our trainer will assist you in drafting the ideal resume for your desired position.
  • Yes, we provide placement assistance by conducting simulated interviews, crafting resumes, and emailing your profile to our corporate clients.

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  • You can change your training mode, however the cost will be prorated depending on whatever option you first choose.
  • Training at your own speed allows you to study whenever you like, with no time constraints.
  • Yes, it varies from course to course.
  • No

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  • yes
  • yes. only first 3 sessions
  • very few times, and depends on the Trainer
  • Yes, we will arrange another trainer if that is acceptable; if not, you can receive a refund.

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  • Yes, we can provide resources if they are available.
  • Yes, we can tailer t the course content and schedule the sessions to fit the needs of your project.
  • No, we provide assistance