Celonis Training – Object Centric Process Mining

Enhance your business performance through data-driven object-centric process mining. In a landscape where operational excellence defines success, our “Mastering Object-Centric Process Mining” course offers you a comprehensive understanding of leveraging this cutting-edge approach. This course is meticulously designed to equip you with advanced skills in uncovering hidden insights within your processes, enabling you to optimise efficiency, drive innovation, and make informed decisions.

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Celonis Training – Object Centric Process Mining - Curriculum

  • Understanding the Concept of Object-Centric Process Mining
  • Differentiating Object-Centric Approach from Traditional Process Mining
  • Exploring Use Cases and Benefits of Object-Centric Analysis
  • Object-Centric vs. Activity-Centric Perspective
  • Defining Objects, Events, and Cases in Process Mining
  • Unveiling the Object Lifecycle: Creation, Transformation, Termination
  • Collecting and Structuring Event Data for Object-Centric Perspective
  • Handling Complex Event Data Structures and Attributes
  • Addressing Challenges in Data Preprocessing
  • Object Discovery Techniques: Heuristics, Aggregation, Tracing
  • Mapping Object Interactions and Relationships
  • Visualizing Object-Centric Process Models
  • Studying Object Behavior Patterns and Variants
  • Examining Object Lifecycle Durations and Transitions
  • Identifying Bottlenecks, Delays, and Optimization Opportunities
  • Defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Objects
  • Measuring Object Performance, Efficiency, and Utilization
  • Utilizing Metrics for Benchmarking and Continuous Improvement
  • Applying Predictive Analytics to Object-Centric Data
  • Forecasting Object Behavior and Lifecycle Patterns
  • Utilizing Simulation for What-If Analysis
  • Integrating Machine Learning Techniques for Object Prediction
  • Predicting Object Transformations, Abandonments, and Outcomes
  • Leveraging ML Algorithms for Anomaly Detection
  • Creating Custom Visualizations for Object-Centric Analysis
  • Designing Dashboards to Showcase Object Behavior and Trends
  • Utilizing Interactive Visualizations for Deep Exploration
  • Showcasing Object-Centric Process Mining in Various Industries
  • Presenting Successful Use Cases and Transformational Outcomes
  • Applying Object-Centric Insights for Continuous Improvement
  • Identifying Process Gaps and Enhancement Opportunities
  • Implementing Data-Driven Changes for Optimal Object Performance
  • Collaborating with Cross-Functional Teams using Object-Centric Insights
  • Communicating Analysis Results and Recommendations
  • Sharing Object-Centric Visualizations and Dashboards
  • Exploring Evolving Trends in Object-Centric Analysis
  • Navigating the Future of Process Mining and Analytics
  • Guided Exercises on Object-Centric Data Preparation
  • Building Object-Centric Process Models with Real Data
  • Analyzing Object Behavior and Lifecycle Patterns
  • Independent Project: Applying Object-Centric Process Mining to Analyze a Process
  • Presenting Insights and Transformational Findings
  • Final Assessment to Validate Object-Centric Process Mining Proficiency
    Awarding the Certificate of Completion

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Celonis Training – Object Centric Process Mining - Projects

Celonis Training – Object Centric Process Mining - Key Features

Celonis Training – Object Centric Process Mining - Key Features

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Celonis Training – Object Centric Process Mining - FAQS

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  • Through our LMS, you can access the recording of the missed lesson.
  • Yes, we have a customised training curriculum and programme to complete.
  • There are, in fact, both group and referal discounts available.
  • The instructor will give you with all the required resources and guidance to obtain certification independently 
  • Yes, our trainer will assist you in drafting the ideal resume for your desired position.
  • Yes, we provide placement assistance by conducting simulated interviews, crafting resumes, and emailing your profile to our corporate clients.

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  • You can change your training mode, however the cost will be prorated depending on whatever option you first choose.
  • Training at your own speed allows you to study whenever you like, with no time constraints.
  • Yes, it varies from course to course.
  • No

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  • yes
  • yes. only first 3 sessions
  • very few times, and depends on the Trainer
  • Yes, we will arrange another trainer if that is acceptable; if not, you can receive a refund.

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  • Yes, we can provide resources if they are available.
  • Yes, we can tailer t the course content and schedule the sessions to fit the needs of your project.
  • No, we provide assistance