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Learn Data Science training via an interactive live online course or by watching Data Science Training videos at your own pace. The Tech CenterPoint Data Science Training course is structured according to the course outline for the most recent Data Science certification examination. Candidates will be able to demonstrate competence on the “Data Science Certification” examination if they have successfully completed the Data Science Training course offered by Tech CenterPoint.

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Data Science Training - Curriculum

  • Data science definition.
  • Data science’s importance in the modern world.
  • R programming fundamentals
  • An Intro to Python.
  • Python code with indentation.
  • Types of Python data and the operations on them.
  • The Python Modules.
  • Summary of Data Structures.
  • Data Structure Identification.
  • giving the Data Structures values.
  • Impact of Data Manipulation.
  • Dplyr package to do various data manipulation activities
  • Overview of Data Visualization
  • several types of graphs, grammar in graphics
  • Ggplot2 software
  • Geom boxplot is used for multivariate analysis.
  • Using the histogram, bar plot, multivariate distribution, and
  • density plot, do a univariant analysis.
  • Using the geop bar() function to create bar graphs for the
  • categorical variables and the theme() layer to include the themes.
  • significance of statistics
  • Statistics terminology and classification.
  • Types of data, types of probabilities, speed measurements, and central tendency.
  • correlation and covariance, Binarization and standard distribution
  • Sample size, level of confidence, and significance.
  • Parametric testing and hypothesis testing
  • ML Fundamentals
  • Supervised Learning Classification
  • Linear regression math
  • Classification algorithms, ensemble learning
  • Regression Introduction
  • Logistic versus Linear, Poisson Regression
  • Bivariate logistic regression math
  • Multivariate Logistic Regression, Modeling Logistic
  • False and true positive rate, Real-time Logistic Regression
  • Classifiers. Induction Algorithm
  • R Random Forest.
  • Classification vs. regression trees
  • SVM Entropy, Gini Index, Information Gain, Naive Bayes
  • Hierarchical, K-means, Canopy, and Clustering
  • K-means clustering, unsupervised learning,
  • K-means theory, process, and implementation.
  • R PCA Historical Clustering (Principal Component Analysis) R.
  • Text mining and NLP basics
  • Text mining significance and applications NPL working with text mining, Language Toolkit (NLTK)
  • Text mining: pre-processing, classification, and cleaning
  • Numpy Basics
  • Numpy Math Functions
  • Probability, Notation, and Regression
  • Bayes Theorem
  • Sum, product, and conditional probability
  • Scipy Introduction and characteristics
  • Scipy sub-packages like Integrate, Cluster, Signal, Fftpack, and Bayes Theorem
  • Pyspark basics
  • Uses and Need of pyspark
  • Pyspark installation
  • Advantages of pyspark over MapReduce
  • Pyspark applications
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning: Regression and Classification in Supervised
  • Learning Association and Clustering in Unsupervised Learning
  • Neural Networks and AI Fundamentals
  • Deep Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks,
  • Supervised Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning, DNN Optimization
  • Deep Learning Applications, Time Series Modeling, Recurrent
  • Neural Networks
  • Tensorflow Basics and Tensorflow open-source libraries
  • Deep Learning Models and Tensor Processing Unit(TPU)
  • Graph Visualisation, keras
  • Keras neural-network
  • Define and Composing multi-complex output models through Keras
  • Batch normalization, Functional and Sequential composition
  • Implementing Keras with tensorboard, customizing neural network training process
  • Implementing neural networks through TensorFlow API
  • Basic SAS
  • SAS Guide.
  • SAS operations
  • SAS Data Sets
  • SAS Processes
  • Stats
  • PROC SQL Advance SAS
  • Visualizing Data
  • Visualization Software
  • Tableau Setup
  • Tableau Data Types, Preparation
  • Visualization
  • Starting Tableau
  • Sets, metadata, and data blending.
  • Visualizing and data-analyzing
  • Expressions, Calculations
  • Tableau parameters
  • Stories, Dashboards, Filters
  • Diagrams
  • Tableau-Hadoop-R integration

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Data Science Training - Key Features

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Data Science Training - FAQS

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  • Through our LMS, you can access the recording of the missed lesson.
  • Yes, we have a customised training curriculum and programme to complete.
  • There are, in fact, both group and referal discounts available.
  • The instructor will give you with all the required resources and guidance to obtain certification independently 
  • Yes, our trainer will assist you in drafting the ideal resume for your desired position.
  • Yes, we provide placement assistance by conducting simulated interviews, crafting resumes, and emailing your profile to our corporate clients.

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  • You can change your training mode, however the cost will be prorated depending on whatever option you first choose.
  • Training at your own speed allows you to study whenever you like, with no time constraints.
  • Yes, it varies from course to course.
  • No

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  • yes
  • yes. only first 3 sessions
  • very few times, and depends on the Trainer
  • Yes, we will arrange another trainer if that is acceptable; if not, you can receive a refund.

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  • Yes, we can provide resources if they are available.
  • Yes, we can tailer t the course content and schedule the sessions to fit the needs of your project.
  • No, we provide assistance