AWS SysOps Administrator Training

The AWS SysOps Administrator Training is designed specifically with the intention of providing SysOps administrators, system administrators, and people in the DevOps roles who are eager to learn and create a repeatable and automatable deployment of applications, networks, and systems on the platform of AWS. Candidates will learn to build their technical skills and progress towards earning AWS certification.

AWS SysOps Administrator Online Training

AWS SysOps Administrator Online Training Candidates can administer applications on AWS from the viewpoint of performing operations. The course deals in taking decisions that needed in the environment based on the information received from auditing, monitoring and any feedback related to performance that gathered. Requisite knowledge provided in the course that helps the candidates to gain hands-on experience to become a system operator using AWS. They Get to work on real-time projects so that the concepts understood well and in-depth.

AWS SysOps Administrator Online Training is designed specifically for candidates who wish to learn to deploy, manage, operate, a wide application that is fault-tolerant as well. This system is widely known as Amazon Web Services. Associate level and Advanced level of training are provided and candidates bag certification after successful completion.

In the beginning, of AWS provided for monitoring and reporting in AWS. gradually, deployment and provisioning that provided along with storage and data management, networking, security and compliance.

AWS SysOps Administrator Online Training helps the candidates to become skilled in AWS cloud, IAM, Redshift, EC2,  CloudTrail and much more. Familiarity with secure tools is taught to the candidates that help them learn AWS cloud platform, developing scalable applications and uninterrupted Saas applications as well. Corporate training is provided on AWS that helps the candidates bag great career opportunities and excel in their career. Several aspects are knowns as Simple Storage Service, Virtual Private Cloud, Elastic Cloud Compute, Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, etc.

With the help of AWS SysOps Administrator Online Training, numerous capabilities are easily validated that includes:

● Selection of appropriate AWS service based on data computing and security requirements
● Migrate on-premises workloads to AWS
● Implement and control the flow of data to and from AWS
● Deploy, manage and operate the scalable and highly available system on AWS
● Estimate the cost of AWS usage and identify other operational cost control mechanisms

Cover the latest knowledge available on AWS and get skilled with the best practices performed. Demonstrate your expertise by successfully working on the AWS platform. Technical abilities are provided that prepare you for the AWS SysOps Administrator Certification.

Module 1: Introduction

  • what are Cloud Computing and it befits
  • where we use the Cloud Services,
  • what is meaning of Amazon Web Services (AWS),
  • AWS Global Infrastructure
  • Course Features and Tools
  • Usage Tracking and Billing Widget

Module 2: AWS computing

  • What are an Instance and its types and performances
  • Creating Reserved Instances managing and troubleshooting the Instances,
  • Network Interfaces,
  • Amazon Light sail and AWS Batch

Module 3: Storage & Data Management

  • what are Cloud Storage and introduction to S3
  • Types of AWS Cloud Storage,
  • Understanding AWS Storage,
  • Amazon Elastic Block Storage(EBS),
  • Amazon s3 and lifecycle policies
  • s3 encryption and downtime
  • Storage Security
  • Storage Gateway
  • introduction to efs

Module 4: security

  • marketplace for AWS security products
  • IAM, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) ROLES, policies, and custom policies
  • AWS S3 Bucket Policies
  • security token service
  • AWS Certificate Manager
  • Amazon Inspector
  • AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store

Module 5: Creating Scalable Deployments 

  • RDS And Multi-AZ Failover
  • RDS & Using Read Replicas
  • Scaling and Auto Scaling in the Cloud,
  • Load Balancer, Elastic Load Balancing(ELB) and Elastic ache,
  • Trouble Shooting Potential Auto scaling Issue
  • Cloud Front & Cache Hit Ratios

Module 5: Networking & Routing

  • DNS, Register Your Domain Name, and DNS routing
  • simple routing, weighted, latency, failover routing policy

Module 6: VPCs

  • introduction to VPC
  • Build custom VPC, endpoints, application load balancers
  • VPC flow logs

Module 7: Automation 

  • Introducing Cloud Formation
  • Cloud Formation Lab
  • Introducing Elastic Beanstalk
  • Elastic Beanstalk Lab 
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