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Gain expertise and get started to learn several concepts of Apache Solr. Solr is used by many companies worldwide and candidates can bag excellent opportunities after completing Apache Solr training provided. It is an open-source enterprise-grade search engine and platform that is used to provide scalable and fast search results. Major features include hit highlighting, full-text search, etc.

With the help of our Apache Solr online training delegates can gain expertise in Faceting, pagination, indexing, clustering, and much more. It also powers the management and administration of enterprise services and search applications. This training imparts knowledge that is helpful to use the most popular search engine that is of enterprise-grade. Fast and scalable search features are aptly provided. Delegates will also be able to familiarize themselves with several topics of Solr platform and Apache Lucene. Core Lucene APIs are also taught along with Solr features of enhanced features, searching, indexing, configurations, administrations, etc.

It is one of the popular, blazing-fast open-source enterprises search engine platforms from the Apache LuceneTM projects. It has several features that include powerful full-text search, real-time indexing, time clustering, handling of rich documents and geospatial search. It is one of the reliable, fault-tolerant, scalable search engines that provides distributed indexing, replication and balanced load querying.

Several largest internet sites across the world and navigation features are successfully powered by Apache Solr. Candidates get high paying jobs and successful career opportunities. Apache Solr training helps candidates soar high. Apache Solr is an open-source platform that is built on Apache Lucene and is used by people to search and index websites and files. The administration of Enterprise search Applications is also successfully managed by Apache Solr. This course is very beneficial to Software Developers, Quality Analysts and for all those who want to use search platforms for different businesses including e-commerce.

The candidates who opt for Apache Solr training get skilled with several benefits that are
mentioned below:

● Mastering the concepts used for Apache Solr
● Learning, searching and indexing using the Apache Solr platform
● Efficiently implementing a Solr Project
● Thorough understanding of several API concepts and Apache Lucene
● Learn to make Solr cloud

Get started with the Apache Solr Online training Course search server and learn to implement the world's leading open-source search solution. Get advice from the experts in the field. Get a chance to discover several hidden features of the Apache server and configure your own instance of Solr according to the different needs of your business.

Module 1: Introduction to Apache Lucene

  • Introduction to search, Apache, Open Source & Lucene/Solr
  • Terminology, Solr features & capabilities
  • Solr architecture overview
  • Lucene  Components and basics
  • What is Search and where a search is required
  • What is Apache Lucene & where to use Apache Lucene
  • what is Lucene Inverted indexing, Analyzer, Searcher, Lucene Queries
  • Lucene Search and Indexing Component 

Module 2: Administration and Configuration

  • Introduced to Solr
  • Install & Run Solr
  • Learning about the Solr Admin 
  • Learning about the Schema File 
  • The Config File 
  • Navigating the Schema Browser 
  • Solr Vs Relational Databases
  • Insights on Solr Architecture
  • Solr Field Types & Fields

Module 3: Exploring Apache Lucene

  • Create your own Lucene Application
  • apply the Advance Analyzers and Queries
  • Manage Lucene Schema by  Scoring, Boosting
  • Faceting, Querying, Highlighting, Grouping, Joins, Spatial Search
  •  Solr Statistics and Information   

Module 4: Manipulating the Index

  • The Update Handler 
  • Deleting and Updating Data 
  • Configuring the Data Import Handler 

Module 5: Searching Using Solr

  • Solr Searching internals as Full & Partial text search
  • Solr Search queries and Process
  • Basic Query Parsers, Wild Card Search, Fuzzy Search, Proximity Search
  • Range Search, Sorting & Relevance, Boosting

Module 6: Solr Admin and Solr Cloud

  • Understand Administration
  • Solrconfig.xml
  • Solr.xml
  • Managing Solr
  • Learn about Solr Cloud: Introduction, Features, Architecture, Exploring Solr CloudIndexing and Searching from Solr Admin
  • Analyzing search query from Solr Admin
  • Setting up Solr in Solr Cloud to make it more Scalable and Fast

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